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Selig’s use of technology is not limited to just its manufacturing capabilities.  Selig’s Customer Service, Quality, and R&D functions also use technology to assure customer orders and requirements are quickly and correctly ordered, products are within specification when produced, and that new products are fully tested to confirm that they meet or exceed their product specifications.  Selig utilizes all forms of lamination technology to offer a range of different performance requirements and cost effective product offerings.  In addition to heat, solvent, solvent-less, and wax lamination processes, Selig also has extrusion lamination capabilities that is rarely used in our industry.  Extrusion lamination offers the strongest bond strength of all lamination techniques. 

Induction MaterialIn its manufacturing process, Selig uses technologies such as gauge control and vision systems to ensure product quality and consistency from lot to lot.  An ERP system with real time tracking and traceability via a bar code system is used in each of Selig’s locations to not only track inventories and the status of particular orders, but to also help quickly resolve any concerns regarding raw materials or a particular step in the manufacturing process. 

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Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Selig’s success as it has allowed us to offer unique new products to the marketplace that address the needs of our cap & closure customers, brand owners, and the consumer.  Selig prides itself in working with all 3 of these stakeholders in developing packages that are unique and the 1st of their kind in the industry.  Indeed, our many awards in the packaging industry reflect this commitment to our customers and innovation in producing packaging solutions.  Selig's sales and technical support staff offer customers the benefit of extensive packaging applications knowledge as well as expertise in liner insertion, induction sealing and capping processes. This knowledge base provides unmatched support for customers throughout the entire supply chain.

Our stage-gate product development process allows our valuable assets and resources to be applied efficiently against those opportunities that are most rewarding to all stakeholders.  Developed technologies and inventions are protected with patents or by trade secret policy to secure the value of the developments for Selig and our customers.  Selig has well over 200 IP (Intellectual property) filings including patents, patents pending, design patents, trade secrets and trademarks.  

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