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Sustainability and Recycling

Induction Sealing & Light-weighting

With induction sealing comes numerous benefits to your sustainability efforts, and if you're not using an induction seal, it's possible you are missing an opportunity to further light-weight your packaging.

Reducing the amount of material needed in your packages is great for the environment but not always for you product. Reducing the weight of the container or closure, or both can result in a loss of rigidity, and make it almost impossible to successfully achieve a good seal from the closure alone. Removing the tamper band also doesn't come without risk; tamper evidence is lost and the consumer is left without any means to judge the safety of the product they are purchasing.

Only with the use of induction foils can you reduce closure and container material, including the tamper band, and still be 100% confident you will have a package that provides a hermetic seal, ensures product freshness, and gives consumers peace of mind when opening the package.

European Recycling Trial

Selig's Lift 'n' Peel™ 'R' liner was trialed in recyclability tests replicatingthe recycling stream used by PET recyclers in Europe, conducted by C.O.T.R.E.P., a collaborative organization of fillers, packers, and PET bottle manufacturers. After a two year period, C.O.T.R.E.P. came back with the following statement:

"Consequently C.O.T.R.E.P. is favorable to the use of this type of seal, which, in the current state of equipment and technology used and available in Europe, helps to improve the recyclability of PET household plastic waste collected in France."

Our Vision

Selig's vision is to pursue a balance between economic growth and responsibility to our neighbors in the community and around the world. In order to do this, focus remains on the 5 R's of Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish, Rethink.

Accordingly, Selig is actively engaged in sustainable growth by:

  • The establishment of corporate goals for zero injuries, recycling, waste and emissions reduction and energy saving projects.
  • Setting and meeting goals through continuous improvement projects that are good for business, the environment, our employees and the community.
  • Being a good neighbor and a welcome member of society by meeting the expectations of our customers and the broader expectations of social responsibility.

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