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Download Selig's Guide to Printing and Branding Induction Seals Here

Download Selig's Guide to Printed Induction Liners for more ideas and inspiration on how you can use printed induction seals.

When the consumer removes the closure, the innerseal becomes the focal point of the package - and an ideal platform for strategic communications. Printed graphics arise from many initiatives, a few of which are shown below.

Induction Liner Printing Standard Advisories Induction Liner Printing Branding Induction Liner Printing Coupons and Promotions Induction Liner Printing Pictograms

When the consumer removes the closure, their attention is focused 100% on the induction seal liner. If you haven't taken advantage of the value provided by a printed induction seal, you might be missing an opportunity to engage your customer. The induction seal is the last piece of the package a consumer will remove before their first use, and first impression of your product. The options are endless when it comes to printed induction seals, but we have some great ideas on where to get started. Contact us today to learn more on growing your market share with branded seals.

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