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Brand Protection Strip

Tamper Evidence

Anti-Counterfeit, Brand Protection and Tamper Evidence

Counterfeit products not only divert revenue from brand owners, but can also damage the brand reputation. Most products by themselves, without any packaging, are difficult to identify by consumers as the original brand. In reality, it is the packaging that is most effective in discouraging would-be counterfeiters. Selig recognizes the threat of not only counterfeiting, but also product/package tampering that exists for consumer packaged goods. We are the leaders in tamper evident packaging for over-the-counter (OTC) and pharmaceutical packaging as evidenced by our foil induction seals that are prevalent in the market. In selecting an anti-counterfeit technology, there are 2 classes of technology that work differently and call upon 2 different audiences for engagement.


Readily recognized by consumers

Purpose: Consumer confidence and brand security

Unique Seal
Brand Protection Strip
Etched Foil*


Not apparent without further analysis

Purpose: Counterfeit surveillance

Micro Print Cue*

*These offerings require technology access from 3rd party supplier

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