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The Revolutionary Heat Seal for Glass Packaging

Two of the greatest benefits of glass are its barrier properties and chemically inert surface. However, sealing to glass has traditionally been very difficult as it does not take to chemical bonds easily. With the GlassFuze™ proprietary heat seal, induction liners are now able to adhere to glass finishes, even with liquids, powders and oily contents.


Compatible with Liquids, Fats, & Oils

The proprietary chemistry in the GlassFuze™
heat seal allows for a robust seal to glass.

Clean Peel Removal

GlassFuze™ is designed to peel completely from your glass container, leaving a land area ready for dispensing and suitable for glass recycling.

Winner of the 2019 Alufoil Trophy for Innovation



GlassFuze™ available on these Products

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DELTASEAL™ 9000 is the two piece liner of choice for applications which require a resilient reseal. The temporary polymer bond is more heat resistant than wax bonded liners, and leaves a clean foil on the top of the jar for brand promotion.

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Lift 'n' Peel™ F

Lift 'n' Peel™ F allows packers of glass to use a consumer preferred opening solution that works for all consumer demographics. This one piece liner is easily removed from the glass container, leaving it ready to enter the recycling stream.

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Uni-Gard™ 925

Uni-Gard™, the most trusted brand for one piece induction sealing, is now available with the benefits of the GlassFuze™ technology. Uni-Gard™ can be punched with tabs to aid in removal. Ideally suited for applications with closure size less than 40mm.


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