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Product Innovations

Consumer Friendly Packaging

As revolutionary as it was to have an induction innerseal many years ago, the range of easy removal half moon tabbed innerseals are the next generation and are starting to revolutionise the market again, due to its easy removal and branding opportunities.

   • Lift 'n' Peel™
   • Top Tab™




Printing & Branding

When the consumer removes the closure, the innerseal becomes the focal point of the package and an ideal platform for strategic communications. Printed graphics arise from many initiatives:

   • Standard Advisories
   • Coupons
   • Game Piece Program
   • Brand Affirmation
   • Sealed for Safety
   • Prudent Use Reminder
   • Brand Loyalty Incentives
   • Relay to Website


Package Protection

Selig provides a wide variety of Foil Innerseals that provide consumer convenience, extended shelf-life and tamper-evidence while discouraging product pilfering and package counterfeiting. FoilSeal™ and Safe-Gard™ brands have optional anti-counterfeit features:

   • Color Shift Inks
   • UV Inks
   • Etched or Embossed Foil
   • Micro Print



Selig’s vision is to pursue a balance between economic growth and responsibility to our neighbors in the community and around the world. In order to do this, focus remains on the 5 R's of Sustainability:

   • Reduce
   • Reuse
   • Recycle
   • Replenish
   • Rethink


Case Studies

The strong commitment Selig holds to research and development, allows us to provide innovative sealing solutions while ensuring that our manufacturing, sales and quality practices operate and conform to our ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Some areas of interest:

   • UK Dairy Industry
   • Consumer Convenience
   • Sustainability
   • Cause Marketing


Successful Packages

Flip through Selig's personal online photo gallery for images of our products, our brands, our activities around the world and our history. To name a few albums:

   • Case Studies
   • Printing & Branding
   • Package Protection
   • Consumer Friendly Packaging


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